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Plasgrow are suppliers of Garden Pots, Calibre Pots, P C Pots, Sebor Super Pots, Shrub Pots, Square Pots, Styler Pots to the retail, wholesale plant nursery industry and landscapers in South Africa




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Sebor Super pots and Saucers

Ranges from 10cm to 50 cm 17.5cm in Black and Various colors complete with saucers cotta.

  Pc Pots & Saucers

 in From 5cm to 35cm in Black, Green Terra cotta and White with saucers

Pc - Square pots

From 8cm to 17.5cm in Black and  Terra cotta.

Shrub pots

From 20cm to 28cm in Black only

Calibre Pots

From 7.5cm to 58cm in Black, Green Terra cotta and white with saucers colors.

CD bowl

Sizes 15cm and 20cm in Terra cotta





Flora Planter

Ranges from 17cm to 40cm in Assorted colours

Intelo pole Pot

Beige and Terra with saucers

Styler Liners

Pot –Cal Square 32cm

Pot –Cal Square 32cm



Plasgrow, suppliers Garden Pots, Calibre Pots, P C Pots, Sebor Super Pots, Shrub Pots, Square Pots, Styler Pots, retail, wholesale plant nurseries, landscapers in South Africa

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