Plasgrow based in the Lowveld of Mpumalanga has been supplying plant accessories and goods for Plant Retail

Nursery and Wholesale market in South Africa and Southern African Region for over 20 years.



Plasgrow supplies plant nursery supplies and accessories to Nursery Retailers, Wholesalers and Agricultural

throughout the breadth of the region. Take a look also at our new range of organic fertilizers, bird feed and

organic solutions.



With Retailers predominately in the Lowveld, Mpumalanga; special deliveries can be organised for anywhere

in the Southern African Region.



Atlantic Fertilisers Plasgrow


Water, without a shadow of doubt, is the most important natural resource,

which must be preserved at all cost. This is why Atlantic fertilisers’ BIO OCEAN

is the ideal product for this purpose.

BIO OCEAN is a soil and plant conditioner manufactured by composting seaweed,

fishmeal, humic acid and poultry manure. The key ingredient, seaweed, contains

natural minerals and growth stimulants, which help to maximise plant growth.
Let’s not wait for the well to dry up before we learn the value of water.

BIO Ocean:

  • Retains 120% of its weight in water
  • Will not burn seedlings or plants
  • Increase the soils capacity to hold water
  • Is more cost-effective than water holding crystals
  • Increases the plants’ resistance to heat stres



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